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Last updated 16th May 2021

We did it! We went through Fossavatnsgangan 2021 without any infection and without anyone needing to go into quarantine (except for the legally mandated quarantine at the borders).

We have full confidence in our 2022 race being held as normal.

For reference: our Covid-19 information for 2021 follows below

Covid-19 response in 2021

As we now approach the racing days, we‘d like to send you a few friendly reminders:

All participants arriving from other countries must provide a confirmation of having finished the compulsory quarantine upon arrival (or show a valid certificate of vaccination/immunity). Hence, if you have not arrived in Iceland already (and you don‘t have a vaccination/immunity certificate) you will not have the time to finish the quarantine before the race. In that case, please wait until next year.

Skiers will be transported to the start area by buses. You will be assigned a bus according to your start number (for example, bibs no 1-30 take bus no 1, bibs 31-60 take bus no 2 etc). The start will be „floating“ which means that after your bus arrives at the start area, you only have a few minutes to get ready before crossing the startline. It is important that everyone shows up at the right time for the right bus, and then start their race before the next bus arrives in the starting area. This means that you will not have much time for waxing or other preparation before starting. 30 people will be on each bus. Final bus plan will be published on Friday eventing.

All buses will leave from the Torfnes Sports Centre in Ísafjörður.

All our plans are vetted by health authorities.

Participants must carry their own drinks and nutrition. The water stations will only be staffed with emergency personnel and the usual nutrition will not be served there.

After finishing the race, participants must head straight for the next bus back to Ísafjörður. It is not allowed to stay in the area or wait for other skiers to finish.

For safety reasons, participant need to carry a backpack with warm, protective clothing during the race.

Facemasks are compulsory at the race office and on the buses as well as in the start and finish area.

For official information from authorities, see

Our plans have been vetted by the appropriate health authorities. Our plans can be seen here, in Icelandic.

Our most up-to-date info is on our Facebook page.