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The 2021 races will be held

With the approval from Icelandic health authorities, we are now able to continue in our preparation for the next Fossavatnsgangan April 15th –17th. Our races, 12.5 km, 25 km, and 50 km will be held on scheduled time.

The total number of participants will be limited to 550 on the main race day April 17th. After we got the news and information was spread through social media and on our website, everything was sold out in couple of hours.

An experimental Fossavatn Night Race will start for the first time at on March 31st. The main race starts at 21:00, and is 70 km freestyle, with a 35 km starting later in the night. Lights will be out and everyone participates in pairs.

We also invite you to take part in My Fossavatn, a virtual event, in which you can participate anywhere in the world.

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Nýjar veðurstöðvar á Windy

Nýjar veðurstöðvar á Windy

Nýlega voru settar upp sérstakar veðurstöðvar á þremur stöðum á Fossavatnsleiðinni sem gefa hitastig, vindstyrk, vindátt og loftþrýsting. Þessar stöðvar eru Heiðin (í 50 km er það eftir 8 og 33 km, í 25 km göngu er það eftir 8 km), Nónvatn (í 50 km eftir 20 og 26 km)...

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