Registration for the 2025 Fossavatnsgangan has begun

Fossavatnsgangan night race

35 and 70 km

April 9, 2025

Fossavatnsgangan free style

25 km.
Same day: 1 and 5 km.

April 10, 2025

Fossavatnsgangan main race

April 12, 2025


Weather stations and forecast

Fossavatnsgangan owns three weatherstations at HeiðinNónvatnand Miðfellsháls.

Icelandic Met Office has a weather station at ski stadium Seljalandsdalur(the station is called Seljalandsdalur skíðaskáli in their systems). You could also want to get some indication from mount Þverfjall, although this mountain is higher and windier than the Fossavatnsgangan route.

The met office's forecast for the surrounding fjords can be seen here.



Fossavatnsgangan is a series of Events from Thursday to Sunday. Be sure not to miss out of any.


Race office

Edinburgh House is home to the tournament's office. There you can pick up a number and shop in the walk's sponsors' convenience stores.


Historic race

Fossavatnsgangan is steeped in history. All Icelandic cross country skiers and many foreign ones have taken on the challenge.


Price list

Here you can find prices for our events. Remember that all of the proceedings go to support local sport and culture clubs.


Want to watch?

Spectators are welcome to the area to watch. Traffic is restricted only in the morning and there are not many parking spaces. You are welcome to take the bus with competitors, but remember that they have priority.

Rules and disclaimers

Here you can find the rules for the race and check out what is supposed to be in the 50 km backpack.


Buses to the race

When going to Saturday competition everybody takes a bus. You bib is your ticket and it is included in the registration.



You can find the race results here in real time and see how fare your friend has skied.

Results in realtime | Results database

Who are registered

See results in real time



Pictures from 2024

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