Agenda 2024

This is what the schedule looks like for 2024. Last updated on August 1, 2023.

Fossavatn Night Race 35 kmMarch 27th22:00WednesdayRegistration
Fossavatn Night Race 70 kmMarch 27th22:00WednesdayRegistration
Fossavatnsgangan free styleApril 1817:00ThursdayRegistration
Children's Fossvatn 1 kmApril 1817:30ThursdayRegistration
Family Fossavatn 5 kmApril 1817:15ThursdayRegistration
WorldLoppet invitation for all Worldloppet pass holdersApril 1917:00–19:00FridayNo registration
Fossavatnsgangan classic 50 kmApril 2008:00–09:00SaturdayRegistration
Fossavatnsgangan classic 25 kmApril 2009:15–10:00SaturdayRegistration
Fossavatnsgangan classic 12.5 kmApril 2009:15–10:00SaturdayRegistration
Coffee and cakes, and prize ceremonyApril 2015:00–17:00SaturdayIncluded
Seafood buffet and party, Torfnes sports hallApril 2019:30–01:00SaturdayRegistration

Here is information about opening hours at the race office.