Results database

This results database displays all available results throughout the years.

Real-time information is displayed at The database is not directly connected to the timing system. All marches of the year 2024 have been entered (as of April 22).

About the database

The database has been assembled during a long time from a range of sources but is nevertheless not complete, especially for shorter distances.

We've tried to standardise spelling of names so as they match up.

The database is called Einar, for Einar Yngva collected a big proportion of older results.

Thanks to Guðmundur Ágústsson, Guðmundur Rafn Kristjánsson, Hlynur Guðmundsson and Heimir Hansson for data collection. Elías Oddsson computerised time recording in the early days. Birgir Þór Halldórsson has overseen time taking the last decade or so. Database created and programmed by Gylfi Ólafsson. All suggestions are well recieved.