Móttaka fyrir handhafa Worldloppet-passa

Reception for Worldloppet passport holders

On Friday, April 19, there will be a reception for Worldloppet pass holders in Turnhúsin, Næstakaupstað on Ísafjörður. The reception starts at 18:00 and guests can enjoy light refreshments and live music. Registration is unnecessary. Fossavatnsgangan is part of the international...

Waxing service

Two parties offer fertilizer services for the Fossavatnsgängin. Fjordhub offers self-service, while Einar Birkir and Sveinbjörn offer full service. The use of fluorine fertilizers is prohibited according to international regulations. If you offer fertilizer services, you may...
Hertz er styrktaraðili Fossavatnsgöngunnar

Hertz is a sponsor of the Fossavatnsgangan

Fossavatnsgangan is one of the most significant ski competitions in Iceland, which has a long and rich history. It is part of a growing group of cross-country skiing events that attract both amateur and professional athletes from all over the world. The competition, which takes place in a beautiful and sometimes brutal landscape...
Fossavatnsgangan sýnd beint í fyrsta sinn

Fossavatnsgangan shown live for the first time

Fossavatnsgangan has entered into an agreement with Ski Classics management company, WSAB, for a live broadcast from the 2024 Fossavatnsgang. A team and specialized equipment will be brought to the country for filming and broadcasting worldwide. Ski Classics is a series of 60 cross-country ski races...
Sveinbjörn og Grétar Smári sigruðu NæturFossavatnið

Sveinbjörn and Grétar Smári won Fossavatnsgangan Night Race

NæturFossavatnid took place on the 27th of March and the night of the 28th. The walk took place in chilly but beautiful conditions at Seljalandsdal. Winners in a 35 km walk 1. Sveinbjörn Orri Heimisson and Grétar Smári Samúelsson 2. Eythór Freyr Árnason and Hjalti Böðvarsson 3. Daníel...
Úr gagnagrunni Fossavatnsgöngunnar: grein í Skíðablaðinu 2024

From the Fossavatnsgangan database: an article in the 2024 local ski magazine

In the ski magazine 2024 (which can be read on Snjor.is along with all older ski magazines) there is an article with various information about the Fossavatnsgånginn database. The article begins on p. 13, but is published here for fun, slightly expanded. In addition, there has been a better understanding between...
Góð snjóalög

Good snow conditions

This is the Stone with a capital si. The stone is in Engidal, near Fossavatn, and was a landmark at the start of the walk since 1935. Since then, the walk has been extended to 50 km. the path goes from Seljalandsdal and out to Stein and back again, and is Steininn then...
Happadrætti fram að áramótum

Lottery until the end of the year

Everyone who registers to play until the end of the year will enter a pot that will be drawn in January. Two lucky participants will get free admission to the walk in 2025. It is cheaper to register early, as you can see in the price list.
Wild Westfjords er opinber ferðaskrifstofa Fossavatnsgöngunnar

Wild Westfjords is the official travel agency for Fossavatnsgangan

The Wild Westfjords travel agency is the official travel agency for the Fossavatnsgården. The travel agency offers packages for foreign visitors starting at Keflavík International Airport. A package is available from April 15 to April 22, including sightseeing, travel and accommodation....
Sértilboð frá Icelandair

Special offer from Icelandair

Icelandair offers a 10% discount on flights in connection with the Fossavatn Walk. Use the code FOSSAVATN in the period 7-13. November to book flights in the period 13-24 April 2024. See more below: