Fossavatn Night Race 70 km


April 9, 2025





Age limit:

16 years

in pairs

Backpack rule:

No, but everyone should provide for themselves

Time limit:



The start of the race is at 22:00 right in front of the ski hut at Seljalandsdalur. The floodlights will be turned off, so all skiers must bring their own headlamps.

This is a team-competition, with each team consisting of two skiers (regardless of age or gender) who ski the entire distance together and must cross the finish line within 15 seconds of each other.

You can register for either 70 km or 35 km distance. Both skiers on each team must complete the whole distance they choose (for example, if your team participates in the 35 km, you do NOT ski 17,5 km each, both skiers must finish the full 35 km).

The race does not provide any food or drink. You can have your own nutrition, extra clothes, equipment etc transported for you to the pit-stop area in the track. You can stop as often and as long as you wish in the pit-stop area. Your luggage will then be moved back to the finish area after the race.

Bags with dry clothes can be stored in the ski hut during the race. Skiers will get some warm soup and bread in the ski hut after they finish.

70 km Næturfossatnið is included The land irrigation puzzle.

Course description

Start at the ski hut on Seljalandsdal. First, the path leads up to Háubrún. There are 10 laps (you don't get down to the lower area in between). At the end, you go back down to the cabin and to the finish line. Competitors themselves are responsible for counting the laps correctly, but an intermediate station will be located on Háubrún.

How oftenDistance
Round1010 x 6.6 km.