Hertz is a sponsor of the Fossavatnsgangan

Fossavatnsgangan is one of the most significant ski competitions in Iceland, which has a long and rich history. It is part of a growing group of cross-country skiing events that attract both amateur and professional athletes from all over the world. The competition, which takes place in the beautiful and sometimes brutal landscape of Vestfjörður, offers a unique combination of sports, adventure and natural experiences. Hertz car rental has been a proud sponsor of the walk for years.

The Fossavatnsgangan was first held in 1935, making it one of the oldest alpine ski races in the world. The idea behind the tournament was to give Icelanders the opportunity to compete and enjoy the sport of cross-country skiing, which at the time was really in its infancy in Iceland. Since then, the tournament has been held annually, with a few exceptions, and has grown and evolved with changes in the sport and society.

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Allar myndir til sölu

All photos for sale

Ágúst Atlason and his family are the family photographers of the Fossavatnsgang. All the photos they took are available on the website Gusti.is, where you can buy the photos in high resolution.

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