Good snow conditions

This is the Stone. From 1935, it was the starting point of Fossavatnsgangan. Since the main race was lengthened to 50 km, the race starts and ends in Seljalandsdalur but the Stone marks the halfway point. The track director, Þröstur Jó (a competitor in the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid), went recently to the Stone to check snow conditions. Just like race participants have shown the Stone respect through the decades, the wind makes sure no snow sit in its immediate vicinity.

Snow layers are good and everything looks set for a good Fossavatn walk.

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Waxing service

Two parties offer fertilizer services for the Fossavatnsgängin. Fjordhub offers self-service, while Einar Birkir and Sveinbjörn offer full service. The use of fluorine fertilizers is prohibited according to international regulations. If you offer fertilizer services, you may...

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Hertz er styrktaraðili Fossavatnsgöngunnar

Hertz is a sponsor of the Fossavatnsgangan

Fossavatnsgangan is one of the most significant ski competitions in Iceland, which has a long and rich history. It is part of a growing group of cross-country skiing events that attract both amateur and professional athletes from all over the world. The competition, which takes place in a beautiful and sometimes brutal landscape...

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