Norwegian victory in the 2024 Fossavatnsgangan

Anikken Gjerde Alnæs and Magnus Waaler, both from Norway, came fist in 2024‘s Fossavatnsgangan.

300 competitors lined up at 8 am this morning for the 50-kilometer race. Right after, 114 participants joined the 25-kilometer race, with another 70 opting for the 12.5-kilometer challenge. This year’s race saw some challenging conditions, with sharp eastern winds and light rain. However, the status of the track was still good for racing.

Magnus Waaler finished the race at 02:41:13.5, next came Dagur Benediktsson from Ísfjörður at 02:55:46.1 and third was the Italian Stefano Zanotto at 02:55:46.2.

Annikken Gjerde Alnæs finished on 02:55:28.2, second was the Finnish Heli Annika Heiskanen on 03:06:12.8 and third was Elisabeth Schicho from Germany on 03:24:28.0.


1Anikken Gjerde Alnæs34258631994Team Ragde ChargeNOR02:55:28.2
2Hello Annika Heiskanen31851091981Internorm Alpenplus TrentinoFINE03:06:12.8
3Elisabeth Schicho32052601991 DEU03:24:28.0
50 km of women
1Magnus Waller84210701993Front Rustad ILNOR02:41:13.5
2Dagur Benediktsson32500361998SFÍISL02:55:46.1
3Stefano Zanotto32906241992Front Rustad ILITA02:55:46.2
50 km men
 NameYOBTEAMNATFinal time
1María Kristín Ólafsdóttir2007WoolISL01:51:33.3
2Vala Kristín Georgsdóttir2009WoolISL02:13:45.4
3 Silja Rán Guðmundsdóttir 1992SFÍ  ISL02:28:20.2 
25 km of women
 NameYOBTEAMNATFinal time
1Sindre Lysne Benestad1992Overtoppen/Baker HansenNOR01:43:14.2
2Ólafur Árnason1981WoolISL01:46:12.0
3Óskar Jakobsson1971WoolISL01:52:34.4
25 km men
 NameYOBTEAMNATFinal time
1María Sif Hlynsdóttir2010SFÍISL01:00:49
2Katrín Sif Kristbjörnsdóttir1991SFÍISL01:02:50
3Jessica Devin1976 USA01:09:33
12.5 km for women
 NameYOBTEAMNATFinal time
1Conor Devin2010Steamboat Springs Winter SportsUSA00:47:55
2Langdon Devin2011Steamboat Springs Winter SportsUSA00:51:14
3Stefán Snær Stefánsson1992SFÍISL01:04:08
12.5 men

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