Einar's results database opened

Has been opened database with all the results from the Fossavatnsgang that are accessible.

Real-time information is displayed at Timataka.net. The database is not directly connected to the timing system, so results do not arrive immediately, but with a delay of several days.

You can look at the results for each person, see the most efficient skiers through time, both measured in the number of walks and the number of kilometers, the highest average speed in a 50 km walk and compare two opponents.

The database is based on a project that has been carried out in crusts for quite some time by many ski enthusiasts. Results are lost for several years and in some cases it is not entirely clear whether the march took place. A few times only the results from the medal places are available, and sometimes there is a lack for the shorter distances.

We've tried to standardise spelling of names so as they match up.

The foundation is based on the work of Guðmund the late Ágústsson. Guðmundur Rafn Kristjánsson, Hlynur Guðmundsson and Heimir Hansson then continued to collect data and later forwarded the work to Einar Yngva, after whom the foundation is named. They deserve a big thank you.

Birgir Þór Halldórsson has taken care of timekeeping in recent years. Completion, compilation and programming is in the hands of Gylfa Ólafsson. All tips are well recieved.

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