Registration started for 2024

According to tradition, we open registration for the Fossavatnsgangan on August 1st.

There is a great atmosphere for the next festival in 2024, many inquiries from abroad and we expect a fun race!

Main dates:

March 27, 2024

  • Fossavatn Night Race both 35 and 70 km, free style

April 18, 2024

  • Fossavatn 25 km, free style
  • Family Fossavatn, 5.0 km classic
  • Family Fossavatn, 1.0 km classic

April 20, 2024

  • Fossavatn 12.5 km classic
  • Fossavatn 25.0 km classic
  • Fossavatn 50.0 km classic

Registration fees are lower the earlier you register.

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Ljósmyndir frá keppnunum 2023

Photos from 2023 races

About 2,000 photographs from the 2023 Fossavatnsgangurin have been published. They, like pictures from previous competitions, can be found on the website of Ágústs Atlason, the competition's court photographer. You can buy them in full resolution for a low price.

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Svissneskur og norskur sigur í Fossavatnsgöngunni

Swiss and Norwegian gold in today's Fossavatnsgangan

Fossavatnsgangan, the biggest cross-country skiing event in the country, took place on Ísafjörður today, Saturday. It was Nadja Kaelin from Switzerland and Mathias Aas Rolid from Norway who finished first in the women's and men's categories in the 50 kilometer walk. The top Icelanders in the walk were...

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